Diversified Asset Portfolio

Types of assets to invest in

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Today i am sharing a modern way of creating your diversified asset portfolio. Traditional asset and Diversified asset are two ways we define assets.

What is asset?
An Asset is something that you can use to satisfy your need and it can make some income in the future.

Assets are of many types like fixed assets, current or liquid asset. That can be tangible or intangible assets as well.

Types of assets to invest in
Different types of assets, modern portfolio

I would like to include one more category here which belongs to intangible asset is Digital Asset. A digital asset means a piece of software which generates income on a regular basis.

To the tangible category I would like to add few. One is Owning or Authoring a book. Second owning a painting or a piece of art. An art can improve your interior and your value in the society.

An optimized asset portfolio for the best growth would be

  1. Physical assets like house or land
  2. Company stocks or shares, bonds, mutual funds
  3. Investments in PPF, SSY, Bank FDs, etc.
  4. Digital assets like apps, games or software tools, blog that you own
  5. Art and paintings
  6. ULIP Insurance could be an asset for your family security
  7. Royalty income from a book you have written
  8. Last but not least, Your Skills. The highest return you get from this.

Let me know if you need anything else included in this list.

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Author: satya