Farm Planning

Planning a farm strategically will provide ultimate result in profit.

The best business now in any part of the world is an integrated farming.

Many universities are providing courses for the same.

When you plan for a farm, You must consider safety and hi-gene for all animals.

Integrated farms need utmost care for the same.

Buy min 5 acres of land

1. Arrange water

2. Buy country chicken

3. Setup a green house for seedling preparation

4. Plant greens, tomatoes, beans, toor dal, papaya, drumstick, banana, etc

5. Setup a hydroponic system

6. Buy goats

7. Plan the pond: start brick making. ponds must be small around 100×100=10000 sft each. 10 ponds  in around 2.5 acre. ponds must be planned strategically.

8. Plan the neem, teak, mango trees, jackfruit 2.5 acre

9. Buy ducks before starting fish

10. Plant moringa, cassava

11. maize and sugarcane

12. Buy cows

Start small and grow faster to make it a success.

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Author: satya