Feed your Backyard Chicken with Super Food

Chicken eat almost everything it finds.

Have you ever thought of providing the good protein to backyard chicken which will resemble an excellent growth.

Ok lets see how to provide it.

One The Termites

Termites are the best protein sources for backyard chicken. Lets know how to generate them in abundance

Take some wood waste.

Collect dry cow dung.

And some soil.


Dig a hole of any size up to 1 feet.

Put the wood waste inside.

Sprinkle the dry cow dung powder on it.

Cover it with smooth fluffy soil.

Leave it for at least a week and then open it before your chicken.

Second The Earth Worms

Earth worms are a super food for backyard chicken. One can buy it in store or can cultivate or produce them at backyard.

We need paddy straws

Little bit of cow dung

Kitchen vegetable and fruit waste

soil and water

A packet of vermi compost for fast result


Paddy straws are the best food for earthworms. Dig a wide hole up to 1.5 feet and put all paddy straw in it.

Then sprinkle cow dung on it.

Put all the kitchen waste on it on all four corners. Let the middle part be free.

Then fill the complete setup with vermi compost soil.

Cove them all with the soil dug for hole and leave it for a week.

Your chicken will love to eat the earthworms. Leave your chicken on the compost area.

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Author: satya