Heal Yourself

How to heal yourself when you are suffering from an ailment?

This question arises when someone is seriously going through an issue with his/her own body.

I thought of sharing some really important tips which will help you understand your body and know how to solve some major issues before you go to a doctor to lose a part of your body.

I will share simple home remedies which are most effective in curing the ailments you are undergoing recently.

This is Satyanarayan Mishra. Living in Bangalore. I belong from a Brahman family. My Grand father Late Sri. Sasibhushan Mishra was a Ayurveda Doctor. My father Sri. Gopalkrishna Mishra helped his father since childhood in preparing the medicines for all kinds of ailments they have treated.

When I am sharing a tip, then please be sure that I have used it myself and for my family before giving it to any one in my circle.

I help you treat the common ailments of your family members with some common materials used for our food and daily life.

I follow Oriya Ayurveda books. And many tips from internet.

I come up with my own ingredients after some research.

You can reach out to me at WhatsApp @ 8123730986 for any immediate help.

Be healthy and live life happy.

Hope to hear from you if I have helped you in any manner.

Disclaimer: I am sharing all the information about any combination of recipes which is tried by myself and for my family. If any of the items give any side effects then the person must have developed some kind of allergenic conditions towards the ingredients used. If you have any side effects or you feel it is due to the items you prepared by following this blog, please reach out to an Ayurveda doctor. I like to help people heal by understanding what they are taking to cure their ailments, and not responsible for any kind of losses you might get by following this blog.

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Author: satya