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Hey All,

Today I saw a news that said the honey we buy from big brands contain antibiotics which is very bad for our health.

The people who eat honey on a regular basis would lose the immunity power of the body when they consume a lot of antibiotics.

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Honey is now used in many food items we cook. So its better we should be little conscious while buying honey.

I prefer to buy honey when it is extracted from honey hives live.

Some time when it is necessary, I buy honey from the people who sell it on the street. They prove you the originality of honey and then give you.

The people who sell honey in the street will never mix any unnecessary chemicals to it.

How one can test the originality of honey,

1. Take a match stick, dip into honey, keep it for some time in honey, clean it with a cloth and try to light it. If the honey is original you can light it up. If honey contains water or Jagery it will not.

2. Take a paper, pour honey on it. If its pure, paper will never get wet.

3. Take some water in a bowl. Put 2 drops of honey into it. It should sit at the bottom instead of mixed in water.

So good health comes with little precautions. Lets take care of our family health.

If you see someone extracting honey from honeycomb then never look back and buy as much as you can for your family. It will never expire. You can store and use it even years after.

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Author: satya