Perfect DSLR Camera for my Photography Hobby


I am passionate about photography. Since few years I am using Canon DSLR 1300D with two lenses – 18-55 and 55-250. I got the best deal in compared to any other brands out there. I love the camera and the picture quality that I get from my clicks.

Canon DSLR 1300D with two lenses

The best thing about Canon is the service. I had a minor issue with my camera lately. I some how hit a pole with my camera and it was not able to take pictures but able to shoot videos. I went to the Canon service center and they happily helped me how to solve the issue without a penny being charged.

When we capture the best moments of our life, why not go for the best gadgets out there. You will see me in taking pictures outdoor in some of my posts soon.

Before this I was using Sony Digital Camera and that was giving good pics but when it comes to servicing, it is costly. The technicians charge a lot of money.

I click pics for mu designs. Best clicks help me come up with the best designs for my games and apps. Do you love clicking pics go for canon.

Some of the clicks I made with my Canon DSLR;

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Author: satya