Own an app and generate income

Of late lot of people are showing more and more interest in owning an app which generates steady income.

You can ask me how will I own an app when I don’t have any idea about app development and I don’t know abcs of software.

Knowing about software does not matter to own an app. If you know how the business around it works, you are good to own and popularize your app. If you are a samosa seller, you can have your own app. Just ask an app developer and tell your story. He will provide you an app. You just have to propagate your app on internet and with in your social circle.

Slow and steady move towards the app popularity will lead your app a success story. You will be earning from that app slowly. It could be direct or indirect income.

Not only apps you can own a piece of software and make money by selling licenses. You can sell games on online market places. You can hire a developer to complete a game for you and put it online for making money.

By the way I am available to make your hit game concept into a real game with multiple income sources. 🙂 I can develop a game for you and tell you how you can make money online from that game if you have a concept.


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Author: satya