What are you passionate about?

Live To Your Passion

Lately I came to know about my passion list. One day I was being asked to make a pechakucha slide of my life. Pechakucha means all pictures and no text content which will tell story of your life.

I made the slide and then I came to know where I am till now. Till today I never got a chance to realize the value of my time on earth. Today once I made the slide, I came to know that I have very little time to prove myself and achieve all my goals in this life.

I am passionate about many things in my life as lot of my friends already know about. I love food, music, art, nature, owning houses, investing for future, games, gardening, photography and a lot. I love to have an experience of para gliding, sailing a boat of my own and much much more.

Planning to work hard and enjoy my life from any corner of this earth. Not sure how far I can reach.

If you are passionate about something please list them down and start feeling if you get that dream come true. Then definitely one day you will own the same.

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Author: satya

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