How to make money with creative or writing skill

Make money from powerpoint templates

Today’s world dream about live free and Live To Their Passion. In the busy schedule making some extra money has become hectic. People are making a royal living out of online income. And I thought I will try it out. I started long back in 2008 and making some slow money online from my creative skill.

There are many online market places where you can sell your creativity. If you are a good content writer, a good artist, a photographer, a musician, a graphic designer, a document template creator or a story book writer. You are on your way to make money online.

Lets take an example of a document creator. If you know hoe to create a PowerPoint template which can be used for business houses for their daily presentations, there is nothing like that. You are good to make money yourself.

Make money from powerpoint templates

See the number of sales this guy made. and the cost of this item is $15. Consider the website will take their commission of 30%. This product is being uploaded in Feb 2015. in 4 years, this product earned 32500 * 15 * 0.7 = $341,250 USD after the commission. They could be a team of two or three people. But I know a lot of my friends in my circle who has earned a very good income from Envato market place sitting at home. This guy from Bhubaneswar is uploading all simple designs to make money. I met him once and had a good time with him.

I got inspired from similar products in 2008 but was not able to much due to my busy schedule. When ever I got some free time, I designed and developed some games and uploaded. Made some sales but was never concentrated on marketing them. See me here.

Lately I was thinking to partner with few people and friends to go viral. Please get in touch if you have the same passion to make some money online.

This way of making money is called Passive Income. As you will be working only for once to get the item approved. Later you will be reaping income from the same for your life time. You can pass over the same to your offspring. It would become a perpetual way of income source.

I recently launched this website where I can inspire you all with my passion to grow in my life. I would like a lot of small help from your creative thoughts. Please get in touch with me if you have some free time and I have a lot of ideas for our mutual growth. A boss free life. i am passionate about.

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Author: satya