Dice Game – Object Oriented Core JavaScript Canvas 3d Dice

Phaser 3 Dice Game



Introducing a HTML5 Canvas game

A canvas game framework written in Object Oriented JavaScript.

This includes intermediate level of a

  1. Dice Class,
  2. A Sounds Class,
  3. Coins Falling animation Class,
  4. A basic State Machine Class, and

obviously the game logic. The JavaScript 3d rotated dice class (Object Oriented Development), which allows you to customize its texture/sides and allows a number from you to stop at.

This is very easy to integrate with any casino engine as it takes a number to stop at. You keep the number generation logic at backend and assign the numbers generated by a casino engine to the dices. Later when all dices are stopped, you compare with the random numbers generated from the game engine to pay for any win to avoid game hacks.This game is purely developed in HTML5 canvas and JavaScript, and no libraries are being used for any purpose.

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Author: satya