Multi-Purpose Mobile Game UI Kit Help

All of our graphic kit follow the below guide lines. The designs we create are based on the concept below.

We follow Vector Production for scalability. In PSD we create all UI elements with vector shapes and apply styles to them so one can easily copy the styles and apply to any shape or text.

Mostly we avoid using raster layers for ease of development.


What file types are provided?


Individual Transparent PNGs

How the file is organized?

The PSD file has the layers and groups. To achieve multiple complex styling, layer styles and group styles are being used.

Dimensions of individual icons would be different as per the shapes used.

How to apply the style to a new icon?

  • Copy or duplicate a top level group which contains the background shape and icon with all the styles.
  • Select the icon layer and on top of it add the new icon so that it takes the style automatically.
  • Select the background shape layer and on top of it in a new layer create your own shape.
  • Check the fill color of the shape if you are facing color inconsistency.
  • Enjoy your newly created icon.

How to generate transparent PNG icons?

  • Hide the background layers.
  • Select using rectangular selection tool which covers the icon completely.
  • On keyboard press ctrl + shift + c to copy the icon and its background shape.
  • Create a new file.
  • Paste in the new file.
  • Hide background if any.
  • Save the file as png.

How do I contact customer support for creating a set of icons?

  • You can write to us directly from Envato contact form.

Which Fonts are being used in the design and how to customize?

I have not included any font files as you can use the styles for any font. For preview purpose I have used some random font on my system.

For the button elements I have used arial fonts and not included in the downloaded zip file.

You can try with multiple fonts. The styles will work like charm. For thin fonts its better you adjust the bevel, inner stroke and satin styles.

What will be included in near future to this asset?

There will be a constant update of the file with new set of vector icons. Please visit periodically to get the updated kit.

Future Updates Coming Soon

Planning to update the asset with a full list of UI elements gradually and based on complexity the price may be updated.

Planned for recent future

  • Settings Popup
  • Styled Header
  • States for icons like hover, down
  • Some more custom designed icons

First Mover Advantage: Get the design now. As a first mover you will get all updates without paying extra when the asset is being updated with new set of icons and a new price.

An Excellent Mobile Game User Interface Kit for any web or mobile game.

Best for Mobile Game, Video Game, User Interfaces and Modern Applications.

It’s full of vector shapes, groups and layer styles.

Included File Types:

  1. Layered PSD
  2. Transparent PNGs pre-sliced
  3. Custom made icons in the PSD files
  4. Help file to create or customize the icons

Font files are Not Included as you can use any font based on your design.

The individual PNG icons included in the kit will enable you to use them directly in the game development without spending a quality time on creating the icons yourself.

To achieve the complex style, I used layer styles as well as group styles.

Few duplicate layers are merged into raster layer to reduce the file size.

Considered the ability to make sprite images in certain places.

Fonts Not Included

The font used in the design is system default Arial.
Fonts are not included in the distribution file.

For the preview image on graphicriver I have used a different font for header and footer which is not included in the design.

Catch me for any help

Am I missing any icon, I will be happy to include more icons. Please let me know I will update the design with custom created icons as well.

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