Portable Plastic Recycling Machine


Hey this is Satya from http://www.LiveToYourPassion.com. I found that the biggest problem today is recycling plastic and other waste.

We are moving the garbage collected from all household to long long distance to recycle them again into some reusable shapes by incurring a lot of expense. Because of which all of us does not value the waste. Actually its not a waste. What if a vehicle comes to your door step and converts the plastic waste into gardening containers? Will you throw even the chocolate covers that your kid generate on a daily basis?

I am starting a plastic recycling mini vehicle which will take a little fees to convert plastic waste to reusable containers. This vehicle will move from street to street and will spend a certain time in every street to help the people around in converting plastic waste into reusable containers.

This way plastic waste can be eliminated. A vehicle with a small setup of a machinery which can melt the plastic waste and convert it into a container large enough to use it in the garden for plantation.

I am planning about gardening containers because we can reuse our wet waste in the process. Everyday millions of kilograms of wet waste is generated. Why don’t we use it in gardening.

I believe no one will hesitate to do it if the vehicle comes to your door step. The vehicle can do additional business of selling saplings, manure, gardening tools, sprays, etc by which the vehicle owner or a driver can sustain easily. People will love to be an owner of such kind of a vehicle. And some might also love to setup in house(Micro setup).

Because of gardening we will get  quality air and we can grow some vegetable in our homes. This way every individual will try to collect plastic waste instead of  throwing it on the roads.

I am sure handling plastic waste is not so hard. We just have to melt it and once its liquid, we can shape it to containers.

Let’s talk to Government in getting the permissions. Will love to hear your opinion on this.

Help me just by a thumbs up or a like by sharing this idea with your friends. If you have a minute and think about your next generation, please add your valuable comment below which will once make this idea reality.

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Author: satya