Got a fake call from an unknown person

Fake call from unknown person
Fake call from unknown person
Fake call from unknown person

Today morning my wife got a call from the above number saying that he is the SBI Bank Manager and my(Satya’s) SBI ATM card is blocked and he will activate it.

I am sure from somewhere he got the mobile number of my wife and my name. It could be the ad post sites where I would have posted something and I gave my wife’s number.

He was telling Unlock Nehi Karna Hai Kya. This is his words and he repeated it multiple times. My wife was discussing with him and then I took the phone. I asked him what’s the matter. He repeated the same line again.

I said I will go to bank and do it myself. With this he disconnected the line immediately.

Everyday many people are getting phished by these idiots. They know whom to reach and how to reach. But some times they fail when they get a wrong number likes wife’s and take your name.

There are many such cases in the recent. Be safe and be brave. When someone calls and say you that he is from this bank and card got blocked, please respond them saying I will reach out to bank.

This must be shared to save people from being phished by these nonsense guys. Never share any of your details unless you are very sure what you are doing.

This does not limit to phone calls. You might get mails to attract your attention. Once you share your details, all your online savings money is gone. Slowly they will fetch all your details from social media and they can create a new card same as yours or can access your account easily.

So never share any details with anyone. Have a safe day.

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Author: satya