How to plan a farm?

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First of all happy farming! Greetings from Farm Setup Services

We are operating from the city of technology hub in India, Bangalore. With all modern technology being used for farming, we plan to make India a best farmed country with export quality food production organically.

We are the market leaders who started the concept of integrated farm setup services in India. Many people have land but due to lack of technological and industrial knowledge they are not able to establish a profitable venture out of it. There we come in picture. We help you setup your integrated farm with best returns.

We provide the best consulting for your multi faceted farm setup which will earn you from multiple sources by utilizing the natural resources at its optimum.

We are in this field since long time and we have farms which produce food materials organically. We understand the ecology of plants and animals and try to help both of them to produce better food product for the society.

We have mainly two types of services namely, Basic and Advanced farm setups. Except this we help people setup the small farms as well on the terrace of interested individuals.

Elements in the BASIC farm are;

  1. A fish rearing pond of 1 acre
  2. Prawn rearing tanks
  3. Pekin ducks for fish environment protection and feed
  4. Giriraj chicken which can multiply your money every three months and fertilize the land
  5. Rabbit farm for fast cash and rabbit manure
  6. Goats for high profit
  7. Cows for milk and milk products
  8. Vermi compost unit setup
  9. Nursery setup
  10. All kinds of vegetables
  11. Vertical farming of greens
  12. Rose plantation for good profit
  13. Teak plantation
  14. Pomegranate trees
  15. Butter fruit trees for high return
  16. Hybrid Indian blackberry trees
  17. Areca plantation
  18. Banana Plantation
  19. Greenhouse setup for vegetables
  20. Biogas plant setup

Rotational toor dal and urad dal plantation for good profit and to keep the soil fertile.

Elements in the ADVANCED farm will be basic + some of below as per your investment capacity

  1. Hydroponic fodder production unit for better growth and milk production capacity of cows
  2. Organic fertiliser and pesticide production unit
  3. Farm Leather processing unit
  4. Leather product manufacturing unit
  5. Farm Meat processing unit
  6. Fruit and vegetable processing unit
  7. Fodder production unit
  8. Seed processing unit
  9. Solar energy production
  10. Mushroom production unit
  11. Red and solid brick making unit
  12. Spice processing unit
  13. Guest house and a restaurant setup for visitors

Income sources:

  1. Vegetables
  2. Milk
  3. Meat
  4. Fish
  5. Duck and Chicken Eggs
  6. Income from visitors as a leisure spot
  7. Income from sale of Fodder and livestock feed
  8. Income from fruits
  9. Income from vermi compost
  10. Income from nursery plants
  11. Income from sale of flowers
  12. Income from sale of fodder and feed
  13. Income from sale of animals
  14. Fruits
  15. Teak and other furniture wood
  16. Income from sale of land
  17. Income from sale of Business
  18. Business consulting
  19. Export market

Minimum 10 acres of land required for basic and 15 acres for advanced.

Income from a basic farm from following year after setup completes would be roughly around 2 to 3 lakhs and more in a month. And around 5 lakhs a month after 5 years. after 25 years a lump sum of minimum 50 lakh from teak plant.

10 goats 5000 10 50000
20 chicken 300 20 6000
20 ducks 300 20 6000
3000 eggs 3 3000 9000
3000 lts of milk 30 3000 90000
200 kg tomatoes 10 200 2000
100 kg capsicum 20 100 2000
50 kg fish 50 80 4000
100 rabbits 100 100 10000
10 kg prawns 10 200 2000
1000 kg vermi comp 1000 10 10000
100 kg other veg 10 100 1000
100 kg rose 50 100 5000


Income from an advanced farm from following year after setup completes would be roughly around 5 to 7 lakhs and more in a month with 3 to 4 advanced units.

What you need to arrange

  1.       Payments for man power 1 manager (From your side) + at least 3 supervisors (our side) + labor as required who can be arranged by us.
  2.       Land of at least 10 acres for basic and 15 acres for advanced.
  3.       Investment amount of 50 lakh rupees for basic and 1 crore for advanced. Can be more based on market price. The amount must be accessible by us for purchase requirements.
  4.       Time spent by us to setup a basic farm would be one year and advanced would be three years.
  5.       Our fees is 20 lakh rupees for one year consulting and multiplied thereafter for advanced farm (40% advance, 30% in the middle and 30% at the end). This fees excludes all farm setup and equipment costs.
  6.       You can stop our services at the end of any service year. You may choose only for periodic paid consulting as well.

What facilities we provide

  1. Project plan
  2. Project report preparation to get Govt subsidy and Bank Loans
  3. Arrangement of experts in different areas for better growth
  4. Arrangement of marketing for farm produce
  5. Our expertise in animal and plant management
  6. Labor and supervisors

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