Points to take care before putting an online order

Yes I am waiting for the Amazon Great Indian Festival or Flipkart Big Billion Day. But before I put an order, I follow these steps so that I am not in loss.

When you place an order on Amazon, check the below points,

  1. Should I buy the item
  2. Is the item returnable: I faced lot of issues with refund
  3. Is it worth: Many times on these festivals, there are products which does not have the proper value.
  4. Festivals are just a promotion so beware of cheaters
  5. Don’t put order with out going through details of the product
  6. Compare the products before you put an order
  7. Go for a little better item even if it is little expensive because you can not exchange it easily
  8. If you have a list of products for your career growth and learning, this is a good time to place order.
  9. You might need to try the same product on other market places before you buy it from amazon.
  10. Look for user ratings and comments

And be informed about the product before you place an order.

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Author: satya