Why buy when you can make your own?

Have you ever tried making things on your own.

This is a kind of adventure in itself.

What can you make your own?

Almost everything.

I made many items in recent past. Like Mobile Flip Covers from original leather, Flute which plays best even compared to the bought ones, Art and Paintings, Outdoor Barbecue Stove, Gardening seeds and much more.

This makes me happy when I make something really good.

How to improve making things?

Let’s take an example. I made few PVC flutes.

Starting I followed some youtube videos and made one.

Then I thought I can improve it.

Made the second and it was good. I could able to play it nicer.

One day I found a thin PVC pipe and it was very good in quality. I thought I will try again.
This time I made the best of the flutes.

I have it now with me and I play it very often.

Planning to make the best flutes made from PVC and sell it at very less price online.

That may earn me some bucks.


This is how one can be more confident when he or she can make some items from own hands and skill.


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Author: satya