How to Increase The Worth Of My Paintings

An image say thousand words. That hold good even for paintings. Actually more, a painting say unlimited words. Include few of your own words related to you, your life, your hobbies, your feelings, the situation you are in while you are creating the painting or an art.

I would like to list few of the aspects of any art which can increase the value of your creation. Here you go,

  1. Date Started: When you start on any art, put the date first on the back of the canvas. When you feel the art has taken its full shape, put the end date as well. The dates can help you figure out why you started the art in a future time frame.
  2. Phases it has under gone: Create a small note on the art and its concept.
  3. Date Completed: Completion date will decide the worth of your art based on its age.
  4. Sign it with Date: Date of completion would not be same as date of signing. Some artist sign their art while selling.
  5. Document full detail: When you create a document for the piece that you are working on it will help you include few more ideas later before completion. Discuss your concept about the art with some experienced people who can help you improve the same.
  6. Title the art: A good title can help the popularity of any art. So try to put a title for any of your creation.
  7. Give a Number to your art: Start allocating a number to all of your art so that it will help you track them in future. It could contain, date, month and year if you wish.
  8. Explain the art: As an art say thousands of words, people might conceive your art in many ways based on the situations they are in. So explain your idea of the creation.
  9. Explain the context it is initialized: Why did you start creating the art will also decide the price of an art. Lets consider, one small little girl suffering from congestion and not able to breath and you were watching her suffer in her mother’s arms. You decided to create an art of greenery and how its helping the living creatures live healthy.
  10. List the ingredients: Every creation has an expiration date. Even the ingredients. Oil paint, acrylic paint, water paint, etc has their own expiration dates. Oil painting has more life and it lasts longer on canvas. Because of which they are priced high.
  11. Explain the phase you are in: When you are creating an art, what was the phases you were going through in your life. This reflects yours personality into the art. One’s personality has a great value which in turn increase the value of your creation.
  12. Subject of the artwork: What is the art about? While creating if you have a clear picture what your are creating and putting on canvas can make people help deciding what they are buying and why. They would be happy to pay for the clarity that they get in the art.
  13. Build the history of the painting: Track every moment you handle the art and why did you think of the art to have a look.
  14. Try to actuate the emotions: When you create a piece of art, try to actuate/activate the feelings of the visitor. Try to mix two or three feelings and try to create a drop of tear in the visitors eye then see how the art moves.
  15. Use good quality material: Make you art look beautiful by decorating it with the best material, the best frame, the best canvas, the best paint and decorate it as its going to be exhibited in the best galleries of the world.
Size :  24×36 In
Medium :  Acrylic Color Oil
Surface :  Canvas
Artwork:  Original.
SKU :  GAL0778117983
Created in  2018
Artist Sign and Certificate:  Provided.
Quality:  Museum Quality – 100% Hand painted
To be delivered as:  Rolled


Some more details

Keep your identity with the art: Take a picture, shoot a video, track who is buying (provide them a link to update their details on your art, guide them to provide data like why did they buy it, how it enhances their status, etc), Provide printed info of yourself.

To enhance the worth of a painting you must

  1. Apply a beautiful frame
  2. Offer a limited warranty
  3. Make it big
  4. Build your own brand
  5. Upgrade your supplies. …
  6. Improve your reference material. …
  7. Work larger. …
  8. Use a larger brush. …
  9. Plan the entire painting ahead of time. …
  10. Use all the tools at your disposal. …
  11. Increase your value. …
  12. Ask for help

Qualities the artist should possess

  1. Fashionable about the work that you do
  2. The artwork must be authentic (Genuine)
  3. Create your importance in art history (Contribute in some way)
  4. Romantic posture and gesture
  5. Make yourself recognizable
  6. Create your presence
  7. Create the channels people can reach you

Exhibition etiquette

  1. Display the artists bio data in the hall
  2. Story of the art
  3. Price tag

Things to take care while painting

  1. composition
  2. color values
  3. color meanings

Painting tips

Passion: create a story for each of your material, name them

At last, try improving every aspect of making an art better.

Best of luck.

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Author: satya