List of Mobile Game UI Elements

We all try to find a list for all common mobile game UI elements. Let’s see what I can add into the list.

General UI:

  1. Skill game backgrounds
  2. Vector backgrounds
  3. Background effects
  4. Lighting effects
  5. Different shapes
  6. on off bulbs

Buttons and Icons:

  1. Play button
  2. Settings button
  3. Back Button
  4. Home Icon
  5. Pause Icon
  6. Audio Icon
  7. Star Icon
  8. Coins Icon
  9. Lock Icon and Key Icon
  10. Potions Icon
  11. Info Icon
  12. Gems Icon
  13. Progress Bars
  14. Hud Icon
  15. User Icon
  16. Next and Previous Icons
  17. Control Icons
  18. Levels Icons
  19. Tick and Cross Icons
  20. Buttons
  21. Badges
  22. Pup ups with Close Icons
  23. Texts with styles
  24. Shape Icons
  25. Health Icon
  26. Refresh Icon
  27. Preloader Icon
  28. Up and Down Icon
  29. Menu Icon
  30. Full screen Icon
  31. Chat Icon
  32. Gift Icon
  33. Collections Icon
  34. Pointer icons
  35. User icons
  36. Info icon or book icon
  37. Praising words with good design
  38. Skull icon
  39. Treasure Chest Icon
  40. Energy Icon
  41. Cart Icon
  42. Social Icons
  43. Radio and checkbox icons
  44. Location Icon
  45. Timer Icon and Digital Timer Icon
  46. Mail Icon
  47. Gender Icon
  48. Powerup flyout Icons
  49. Target Icon
  50. Letter Icons
  51. Number Icons

Other special game related icons.

UI Elements

  1. Header UI
  2. Footer UI
  3. Controls UI
  4. Popup windows
  5. Game Play UI
  6. Store UI
  7. Carousel UI
  8. Background effects
  9. Leader board UI
  10. Menus
  11. Sliders
  12. Maps UI
  13. Level Completion UI
  14. Banners
  15. Leader board UI (Vertical and Horizontal) Prestige Boards


Game Animations:

  1. Button animations
  2. Twinkling star icons
  3. Gem and heart rotation animations
  4. Collected animations


Please ping me if I am missing anything.

What the buyers love:

If I buy any UI design for a game, I would love to create my own elements by combining the provided elements.

I may like to use the style of any particular element to apply into my own UI elements.


For instance, an empty mini container which can hold my UI icon inside easily.

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Author: satya