Make some bucks coding

Hey i know you are good at coding at least in one language. Why don’t you try selling your code pieces to those who might be interested in the items that you create.

There are many market places online which will help you sell your code snippets with a little implementation piece for demo.

If you are good at coding any mobile app then you are a pro. You are on your path to make money.

Envato Market place is a best place to sell your digital products. You can sell your code at which is a group site to envato.

No only envato but there are multiple places you can sell your item.

If someone would like to make a little change to your template, you can charge them on hourly basis. That will give you some extra income.

You can provide services as well for your products for some extra money.

The main and important thing is to create the products which is appealing and can attract users. Your main aim must be giving much more features and functionalities for less money. As the number of sales increase, you make huge money out of the small transactions.

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Author: satya