Secrets to become rich

Becoming rich is not simple but not impossible. By doing right things repeatedly one can achieve it easily.  Few ideas which will make you a successful person in life are,

  1. Stop thinking about money and start putting effort in right direction
  2. Start helping people for nothing or at their budget
  3. Start serving people on the area that you are good at
  4. Use the money earned to make more things after saving few bucks
  5. Choose one area and become expertise in it
  6. Find the best people in your area of expertise and follow
  7. Track progress periodically
  8. Plan for short term goals
  9. Make bold moves with full confidence
  10. Grow your skills as much as possible in different relative areas
  11. Join a start up and get stock option, dedicate yourself to make the venture a success
  12. Increase share holding in stocks, mutual funds.
  13. Use government benefits to grow money like investing in PPF, SSY,
  14. Start a company and sell it for profit
  15. Become a job provider/producer instead of job applicant
  16. Know your value at current market
  17. Sacrifice everything possible to live the future
  18. Do wealthy activities don’t involve in silly things
  19. Use God’s gifts the best skills that you possess
  20. Before taking a decision analyse
  21. Don’t work for money you will never be happy. Work for success.
  22. Create something that adds value to the world
  23. Create a consumable product that people love
  24. Insert yourself as a service provider into a high-growth industry like Renewable energy, cyber security, bio technology, virtual reality and artificial intelligence
  25. Establish communications or connections
  26. Invest in real estate and diversify your portfolio for security
  27. Invest in creating digital assets like mobile games and apps
  28. Learn and teach things to explore more.
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Author: satya