Crazy business ideas


Lately I am going crazy to find something which can make me move to the next levels.

Analyzing few ideas…

  1. Buying, building and renting real estate
  2. Setting up farms for others and myself
  3. Starting a software application development company
  4. Starting Physical goods production
  5. Doing e-commerce internationally
  6. Collect vegetable and fruit waste from local market and produce BSF for animal feed
  7. Producing Leather Goods and export
  8. Making machinery for daily tasks like Commercial Roti Making Machine
  9. Starting a chain of Restaurants
  10. Building and selling of businesses

Yes I am crazy.

Don’t know where to start.

Have a huge home loan.

Have a software job.

Able to save half of my salary.

Don’t know where to invest.

Just exploring and planning.

No time to execute.


The ideas need huge investments.

Looking for investors in my ideas.

I am sure it will reach to the right person one day.

Waiting for my turn.


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Author: satya