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How to make an android app with API ajax calls for data without Android Studio?

Making android apps need a lot of setup Android Studio JDK Many other dependencies So lets see how one can…

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Hampi tour

Hiriyur Teru malleshwara temple hiriyur Dam

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Crazy business ideas

Hmm. Lately I am going crazy to find something which can make me move to the next levels. Analyzing few…

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How to Increase The Worth Of My Paintings

An image say thousand words. That hold good even for paintings. Actually more, a painting say unlimited words. Include few…

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Make some bucks coding

Hey i know you are good at coding at least in one language. Why don’t you try selling your code…

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List of Mobile Game UI Elements

We all try to find a list for all common mobile game UI elements. Let’s see what I can add…

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Secrets to become rich

Becoming rich is not simple but not impossible. By doing right things repeatedly one can achieve it easily.  Few ideas…

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Micro Front-end

Front-end User Interface is the key to success for the modern day online business. This moves adjacent to User Experience….

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Hyper Casual Games

These are very small games with very few graphics but very fast in game play. User has to repeat the…

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Inexpensive but lush in house gardening tips

Today we need more greenery around us because of the air pollution. So how to grow plants with less effort…

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Why buy when you can make your own?

Have you ever tried making things on your own. This is a kind of adventure in itself. What can you…

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What should you buy on Amazon Great Indian Festival?

Buying things on Amazon Great Indian Festival could be dangerous. Control your emotions while putting orders online. Because of attractive…

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Points to take care before putting an online order

Yes I am waiting for the Amazon Great Indian Festival or Flipkart Big Billion Day. But before I put an…

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Things needed for adventure

For the adventure to be a success, one should use the below things when it comes to outdoor or indoor…

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What should I start doing now?

Every step of our life evolves into something new. Time does not stop. We stop evolving ourselves because of personal…

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How to plan a farm?

Hello all, First of all happy farming! Greetings from Farm Setup Services We are operating from the city of technology hub in India,…

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Best pets for home

Fish is the best pet for any home. Kids will enjoy feeding them. But when it comes to fish tank…

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How to paint with acrylic colours?

Acrylic colours are a little hard to handle because they dry faster than any other medium. While painting, extra thin…

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How to make a pvc flute?

Making a PVC flute at home is very easy and you as well as your kids will love the experience….

Fake call from unknown person
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Got a fake call from an unknown person

Today morning my wife got a call from the above number saying that he is the SBI Bank Manager and…

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SEO Services Bangalore, India

A ninja game and UI developer, designer, animator and consultant who can help you come up with the best version…

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Get out from the tensions be relaxed

I realized this late. Its better to get out of the tensions in life as early as possible. When something…

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How to make the best coffee by yourself

How do I make my coffee. I love coffee. But in my way. I am a big fan of pistachino,…

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Self Healing

Our body is capable of healing itself. When you concentrate and listen to the ailments of your body, it will…

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Compounding Your Earnings: Financial Freedom

Reading the book Money Master The Game. One key point to take from this book; “Knowledge is potential power. But…

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Portable Plastic Recycling Machine

Hey this is Satya from I found that the biggest problem today is recycling plastic and other waste. We…

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Looking for dribbble draft?

Hey there, Lately I have been drafted by Melissa from seattle on dribbble. I am very thankful to her. She…

Drywall artist Bangalore Satya 8123730986
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Drywall artist Bangalore – Satya 8123730986

Hi All, This is Satya from Bangalore. I love art, painting, dry wall art, concept art, graphic designing and game…

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Game Ideas

Simple ideas can bring wonder in the game world. A simple mini game which entertains someone for some time and…

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Multi-Purpose Mobile Game UI Kit Help

All of our graphic kit follow the below guide lines. The designs we create are based on the concept below….

PSD styles for Mobile Game UI
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Mobile Game UI Elements

Our full mobile game ui elements kit will include most of the below list some times more or less based…

Phaser 3 3d dice
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Phaser 3 3D Dice Class: Customizable

Phaser 3.11 3D Dice Class: Customizable Ready for mobile: One can easily use the Dice class in any kind of…

Phaser 3 Dice Game
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Dice Game – Object Oriented Core JavaScript Canvas 3d Dice

Demo Introducing a HTML5 Canvas game A canvas game framework written in Object Oriented JavaScript. This includes intermediate level of…

free mobile game ui kit
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Free Mobile Game UI Kit

Free mobile game ui kit. Sharing the high quality jpeg file from which you can extract the individual elements easily…

Make money from powerpoint templates
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How to make money with creative or writing skill

Today’s world dream about live free and Live To Their Passion. In the busy schedule making some extra money has…