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Perfect DSLR Camera for my Photography Hobby

I am passionate about photography. Since few years I am using Canon DSLR 1300D with two lenses – 18-55 and…

Terrace garden, Bangalore
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Kitchen Garden on my terrace

In the heart of Bengaluru, I live the green life with little effort. On my terrace garden, I grow flowers,…

Live To Your Passion
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What are you passionate about?

Lately I came to know about my passion list. One day I was being asked to make a pechakucha slide…

Bangalore Chitra Santhe
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Chitra santhe Bengaluru ChitraKala Parishat

Chitrakala Parishat, Bengaluru celebrates Chitra Santhe on first Sunday of every year. Any artist having a very good portfolio of…

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Get ready for online presence

Your online presence is utmost required for your future growth. It will help you reach more and more people to…

Home Remedy for cold, cough, asthma effect
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Home made effective powder for cold, cough, asthma effect and dust allergy

Since decades my grand father, my father and myself we use a simple home made recipe to treat cold, cough…

Simple home made Ayurveda Medicine for Nose Block
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Simple home made Ayurveda Medicine for Nose Block

Many times we face nose blockage due to air pollution or any dust allergies. What if I can tell you…

Buy Best Honey
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How should you buy honey

Hey All, Today I saw a news that said the honey we buy from big brands contain antibiotics which is…

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Own an app and generate income

Of late lot of people are showing more and more interest in owning an app which generates steady income. You…

Types of assets to invest in
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Diversified Asset Portfolio

Hey There, Today i am sharing a modern way of creating your diversified asset portfolio. Traditional asset and Diversified asset…

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Feed your Backyard Chicken with Super Food

Chicken eat almost everything it finds. Have you ever thought of providing the good protein to backyard chicken which will…

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Farm Planning

Planning a farm strategically will provide ultimate result in profit. The best business now in any part of the world…

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Sustainable Farming

True green revolution Living an organic life is the trend now. People love to spend a little extra on organic…

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How to save money as a fresher

Saving Money as a Fresher Hey There, Welcome to my blog on financial planning. I know you would like to…

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Make money online the right way

Financial planning does not always imply to manage your cash in hand. It does imply how one should plan to…

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Game Design and Development Training in Bangalore

Hey There, I am Satyanarayan Mishra from Bangalore having more than 12 years of experience in game design, development and…

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Home Made Ayurveda

With my vast experience of Ayurveda and its practice, I have made some of my own products. I would like…

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Heal Yourself

How to heal yourself when you are suffering from an ailment? This question arises when someone is seriously going through…

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Multiplayer Games

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Game Development Bangalore

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Casino Games