Passion for Games

Are you a passionate gamer? Would you like to play latest video games very often. Then yes you are a passionate gamer.

Gaming industry is the fastest growing industry in the world. People love to play games either real or virtual. Games help your body and mind get relaxed.

Recent trends in game industry:

Game industry is a rapid changing industry. Every year many technologies are being introduced in game industry and then taken to other fields of reality. Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) are very recent changes that took place in game industry.

I am a video game developer since a decade now. I do the graphic acceleration till the completion of the game.

After the big hit of social media games, now the giants of social media game developers moved to hand held devices. Now they are more keen into developing hyper casual games as per the device support.

Hyper casual games are the games with very few graphics but fast in game play. This hits the gaming industry rapidly.

Games now a days target real life activities through instructions to do some action. Games are now so advanced that one can learn how to fly a plane or how to operate a drone. These are indestructible in nature.

Players are being trained step by step to proceed deep into the game through artificial intelligence and machine learning. All movements of a player is being tracked and fed to the system on player stimulus and response.

Advanced game development software is emerging to handle the many fold behavior of the users. You might have heard about the Second Life game, where users interact in a virtual world through speech and actions.

PUBG is one more game where teams can play online from any where in the world and win over the opponents by shooting them. A virtual game world where user moves from place to place finding opponents and killing them virtually. Very addicting. Because of its nature it is banned in many places.

The lightning speed of internet made all this possible. Networking companies are involved to innovating more and more sophisticated ways to provide high speed internet. Devices are moving towards becoming super computers in near future. people are becoming crazy to spend good time on games.

You never know the world will move towards a digital era where every other person sitting at home and using the technology to make interactions and a living. This is being seen more and more in new generation.

What’s there for you?

As the world is moving fast towards user engagement through artificial intelligence, through machine learning, through AR and VR, through hyper casual games, one can make a very good future if planned properly from a teen age. If you are good at Mathematics and Physics then you should move towards making a career in game industry.

In my real life experience, I know a team of three people who worked with small games on Facebook for seven years and sold their company for 800 Million Dollars. This could happen to anyone who is passionate about games.

Where should you start your career?

  • Start with Mathematics, Geometry and Physics.
  • Build problem solving skills
  • Build on statistics
  • Build Analytical skills
  • Learn about Numbers
  • Understand Machine Learning
  • Apply Artificial Intelligence
  • Play more games
  • Start developing small games
  • Involve in Social Engagements
  • Learn and teach about games
  • Read books on games
  • Think big and think unique