Should I buy it?

I am sure you are trying to buy something really important and because of which you are here. When this thought comes to your mind, you may take help from all sources, your friends, online guide or family members. I will try to help you decide whether you should or not.

Buying anything can be of three natures based on some parameters.

Must Buy

  • If you need the product/tool to enhance your skill
  • When you save money in some way by using that product
  • When the product saves time for you
  • When you can earn by using the product/tool
  • If it is an investment

Never Buy

  • Just to showcase
  • If you feel the price is more for the item
  • If your friend has it
  • If you don’t use it often
  • If you can borrow it for a negligible price or from friends for your need

Buy Later

  • If you can not pay full money from your savings and its not for investment
  • If you need something else badly
  • If you can spend that money to learn something else
  • If you see no immediate use
  • If you can’t afford it now

And at last when you decided to buy look for better items compared to the one you are looking for even if you have to pay a little extra, because you might not be able to exchange the item bought that easily and comfortably.